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What is “The Masters” Collection?




“The Masters,” is a collection of highly prized works of art based on Bornacelli’s 26 years of travels around the world.  Each piece is detailed dedication, discipline, and commitment to the development of the aesthetic arts by Bornacelli. It’s his way of engaging an audience with the nature and appreciation of the beauty of painting, as he sees it.


At times, “The Masters” can be a certain painting that evolves, not into a different style, but an achievement in the craftsmanship and artistic technique in and of itself.


There are many ways of developing what Bornacelli will see as “The Masters.”  It is not based on style or size, but rather the technique that was learned and honed.  The technique or craftsmanship of “The Masters” comes from Bornacelli’s study pieces.  “The Masters” is a series of milestones that details the evolution of Bornacelli’s work. This collection is a recorded history of Bornacelli’s career as a professional artist.


These paintings are made of the finest materials; often one of a kind, pigments from Gold, Silver, Copper, or pure pigments from Italian marvel, and other precious stones like Lapis Lazuli, creating great Ultramarines and other vivid colors. The collage comes from handmade and a wide variety of Vintage or antique shops as well as Auction houses around the globe; making it impossible to replicate the master’s work. Each piece is created with the utmost devotion encompassing a tremendous amount of financing, time, and other recourses to obtain the rare and unique materials utilized.


The rare materials and pigments are specially order by Bornacelli.  In many cases, Bornacelli must travel to exotic places to find the right pigments and materials to create a one of a kind piece of art, his vision. After the creation of such a fine and unique piece of art, one will find it is considered a high quality museum piece.  “The Masters” collection is always framed to museum quality standards.


All "Masters"s  are created in Japan.  Once completed, each piece is shipped to Scottsdale Arizona’s, “Gallery’s edge,” for personalized mounted &framing. Steve Damm owner of the “Gallery’s Edge,” has over 30 years of experience in framing and archiving.  Mr. Damm understands that Bornacelli’s work are not your usual standard paintings due to the high quality materials used in the creation of each piece. Mr. Damm works closely with Bornacelli to ensure all artwork are protected and meet the high quality expectation of Bornacelli and TokyoArtGroup standards.


All masters come with an appraisal/Value letter and certificates with TokyoArtGroup company seals. All documents are protected with state of the Art security seals to avoid any false duplicates.  Currently, there are only 20 master pieces in the world along with 800 pieces of creative work in collections, homes and galleries around the world.  These include original “Study Pieces” prints and limited editions. 

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