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What is “The Study Pieces” Collection?


Each work in The Study Pieces is an original, stand-alone piece of art that is classified as a study piece because of its subject. In preparation for creating his Masters Collection, Bornacelli works through a process of sketching and painting his characters to develop them in various sizes, angles, and settings; thus, The Study Pieces are born. Typically, these paintings are large and colorful, so Bornacelli can explore each character in its original size (or larger) and spend as much time as he wants to perfect the composition. The Study Pieces are created with acrylic- or oil-based charcoals, ink and charcoal on Arches archival hotpress 100% Cotton hot press into a thick paper form


The Study Pieces is the most prolific of Bornacelli’s three collections. More than 1,500 original works of art make up The Study Pieces, many which are owned by collectors throughout the world. They are significant paintings, not only because each is a full-sensory experience unlike any that have come before it, but also because each is a vital step in Bornacelli’s progression to painting his exclusive Masters Collections. Owners of The Study Pieces paintings enjoy an intimate look at Bornacelli’s thought-process, exploration, and eventual mastery of images in his mind that have come to life on paper. 


What is a Gelatin Sheet?

A Gelatin Sheet is raw cotton & alpha cellulous wood pulp that is acid free mashed together placed on wooden molds that are mixed with a gelatin like medium that bond together, making custom sheets by using heat, giving it a paper like surface that is able to absorb moisture and allows the pigments to penetrate the surface. This process allows the materials to bond as one, as opposed to painting on just the top layer only.


What are the Benefits of Gelatin Sheets Versus Canvas?

When painting on canvas you have to use some type of gesso to seal the pores on the canvas. This is the traditional method. With today’s technological advancements, there are finer options in materials.

Gesso is a very basic charcoal & water substance; it will eventually crack and deteriorate losing its pigmentation and its vibrancy, and need restoration.


What is Pure Pigment?

Pure pigments are the strongest and purest form of any color in its richest state; it is usually broken down and diluted with water or Oils.

Bornacelli makes his own paints by applying 25 years of learning experience in color and making his own colors. This gives the artwork longevity and adds vibrancy to the work.



What is Pure Japanese pigment?

Japanese pigments are specialized traditional Japanese color making that dates back centuries in Japanese art making, especially in block printmaking.




What is a"Extreme Limmited Edition?

details to follow



What is a"Original Series?

The “Series” is a combination of past paintings, sketches, doodles, and concepts that are made into a master template.  Once the master template has been created, the template is then placed on a gelatin sheet by way of a High Tech projection.  It is lightly imprinted and re-done from scratch to a complete full painting.  The process resembles the same process as creating an outline first in which you that start to paint from the beginning.  The process normally takes 40-50 hours from start to finish.


Is there a “Master” version of it?

The answer is yes.  The “Master” paintings require more intensive time taking and there’s no projection of any kind roughly 3-4 months for each along with a very different set of intricate and costly materials.









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